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"Iím 72 years of age and have had sinus problems from childhood. As age crept on me I developed other health problems relating to my diet. It's true, you are what you eat. My doctor, who is a natural doctor, advised me to get off all grains, dairy, and sugars. I tried but didnít know how to cook without these things so consequently kept failing. Then along came Lynn, like an angel dropping into my life. I have a long way to go but already something that feels good inside is happening to me. In addition, other people around me have been suffering sinus headaches without me. This new way of cooking is so much tastier and rich I havenít lost weight yet because I want to try everything. I know that feeling more satisfied, I will begin to eat less and with this new energy Iíll be more active so the weight will fall off naturally without diet pills. I give the credit to Lynn for teaching me a better way to eat. The bonus is, Iím not doing without meals Iíve always enjoyed nor am I doing without desserts. My body is grateful." Frankie Comeaux

"We used Lynn to teach us the Specific Carbohydrate Diet as an additional treatment for my son who has autism. Prior to the classes we thought we were doing the right thing by maintaining a "gluten-free" diet for him, however he was still very hyperactive and seemed to have many days where emotions where like a roller coaster. What we learned from this class helped us to moderate those "stemy" behaviors through a new diet and truly change our lifestyle to help him. He is more calm which allows him the ability to be more receptive as he is being mainstreamed into the public school system. Lynn is patient and energetic and is so flexible with her schedule to really allow your family the opportunity to totally engulf a healthier lifestyle of eating. We would highly recommend her and are so thankful for her help!"
Dr. Jacob Dent & family
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