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Terms & Conditions


IMPORTANT: Please read this page carefully.

These terms and conditions are put in place to honor both parties commitments. You will be asked to sign this page as the formal acknowledgment of these terms and will receive a copy for your records. Please make sure you are fully happy with them before signing.

* When you sign up for and pay for any group classes or one-on-one consults you are committing to that activity. Should you decide for any reason, outside of our control, that you no longer wish to attend, no refunds will be granted. You will, however, be able to reschedule to a time that is more suitable to your needs. This will be a one time allowance.

* As unlikely as this may be, we have to raise the point in the event of it occurring: If you become disruptive to the group in a class, or uncooperative in a consult in any manner, your attendance will cease immediately. No refunds will me made and you will not be allowed to return in the future.

* If you feel unhappy for any reason that you feel is within our control, please communicate that to us right away. We are fully committed to our services being everything you were promised. It is vital that you tell us if you feel lost, confused, or unsure of any information or service provided. We want you to feel that you made the right decision and that we are helping you get the information you need to take control of your own nutrition choices.

* In the highly unlike event of a one-on-one consult or group class needing to be cancelled, an alternative time will be organized as soon as possible. We will do our best to notify you as quickly as possible should this be the case. Our ability to notify you promptly will depend on the accuracy of the contact information you provide. We will not be responsible for any outside costs incurred. Any rescheduling on our part will not have any bearing on your one time allowance to reschedule.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: While the information provided to you contains tried and tested methods for your nutritional choices as documented in the many published sources recommended to you, it is not in any way to be considered an attempt to diagnose, provide or recommend treatment, give medical advise or guarantee any cure or correction of any conditions diagnosed or not diagnosed, by your physician. We accept no liability for your consumption of any allergen, either known or unknown, in any nutritional recommendations. You accept complete responsibility for your own nutritional limitations and the communication of such limitations to us if you require modified recipes. Know that it is ultimately up to you to take the information provided and make it work to the extent you choose for your own benefit. Each individual's level of success in meeting their nutritional goals will depend on his or her background, choices, dedication, desire, motivation and - of course - actions!


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