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Because of the quantity of information available and the differing levels of knowledge each of you have already obtained, there are pre-requisites for many of our classes. This is because, in most cases, there is vital information in each class that builds to the understanding needed in the next. Once you have the prerequisite(s) under your belt you will be better prepared to learn and be able to apply the information at the next level that is designed for you to grow in your healing and gain better nutrition through complete understanding. It is important for you to note that while the nutritional and dietary information we provide is based on the research of many physicians and has proven to help those who have followed it, we DO NOT assume any medical or legal liability for the use or misuse of the information.

The Nutrition Maze (Class 101)

At our first meeting, which will be done one-on-one, we will determine how I can best assist you in meeting your goals through nutritional guidance and education. Then, we will start to set your plan in motion. This is the class which will really get you on your way to your new nutritional lifestyle and your improved health. You will learn about the history of the SCD™ nutritional lifestyle and what it was designed to accomplish. We will discuss what foods to avoid completely in order to attain healing compared to the foods you will need to avoid diligently, only at the onset of your new lifestyle, while your gut is calming down and healing. We will further discuss what foods can be added after the initial phase and at what intervals, once your gut has begun to heal and is less reactive. You will need to provide me with a brief run down on your nutritional and medical history and a short food diary. Just a list of the foods and beverages you ingested in the last four (4) days before our meeting. I will not need any serving sizes or frequency information. Your willingness to be honest is vital to your success in meeting your goals. We will begin your educational journey through a labyrinth of information in an attempt to clarify and simplify what is necessary information for you. Believe me when I say there is a lot of information to sort through! Finally, we will consider some well balanced meal planning options so your thoughts are headed down the right path for your next class.

How To De-Code The Labels (Class 201)

In this class we will spend our time at two local grocery stores. This can be a one-on-one session or a small group session. We will be walking the isles reading, deciphering and de-coding the labels. This is vital to your success because if you do not know exactly what you are putting into your body you cannot begin to understand the effect it will have in undermining your goal of healthy nutrition and healing. I will be providing information and sources for group purchases to help you in managing your food budget. I will also provide you with some online research sources to further support the information you have gathered and are hopefully 'digesting' thus far. You will need to have your own transportation to go from store to store and a pocket calculator may be helpful for doing cost comparisons. (Pre-Requisite: Class 101)

Gluten-Free VS Grain-Free (Class 202)

In this class we will be comparing and contrasting the benefits of both Gluten-Free (GF) nutrition and Grain-Free nutrition choices. We will be discussing why one may be better for you than the other and what you need to consider in order to make that decision. Since we are planning for your family specifically, this class would best be done one-on-one. However, if you have a relative or other individual who participates in food preparation for your family it would suite you to see if they can attend with you. We will look at the meal planning for both nutrition styles and how they influence your options for packing meals on the go. We will discuss how this nutritional style will fit into your family’s lifestyle, especially if only part of your family must follow these guidelines. We will discuss how to talk to your children about the importance of their staying diligent with what they eat and how to enlist the help of your child’s teachers at their school or care facility. We will also discuss the reason we recommend you consider going one step further and follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD™), for a period of time, to accomplish your optimal healing and to avoid refractive relapses. (Pre-Requisite: Class 101)

Raw and Fermented Foods (Class 203)

In this class you will discuss the benefits you can receive by consuming a moderate quantity of your foods in the raw. This includes dehydrated foods and snacks. Additionally, you will learn that there are significant benefit to incorporating fermented foods into your nutritional lifestyle. Our ancestors knew of these benefits and it would do us well to learn from them. (Pre-Requisite: Class 101)

Gluten & Toxins in Your Personal Care Products (Class 204)

In this class you will learn about how our personal care products are filled with both toxic chemicals and gluten, and what effect they can have on our overall health and healing. Since science has proven we absorb a great deal through our skin, it is pretty safe to surmise that we are ‘ingesting’ through our skin. If you would not eat an item in your personal care product orally why would you consider doing so transdermally where it goes directly into your bloodstream? This is critical in understanding how you may be unknowingly sabotaging your own health. I will share information on many products that will help you reduce your toxin exposure dramatically. (Pre-Requisite: Class 101)

Baking Basics (Class 301)

In this cooking session we will be learning to stock a well rounded grain free, processed sugar free, low lactose, SCD™ allowable kitchen. We will also learn how to make some staple items that will serve you well in making many quick, creative and allowable dishes for yourself or family. You will learn storage for these staples and some tricks on using them to make your meals nutritionally well balanced, satisfying and delicious. (Pre-Requisites: Class 201 & 202 or 203)

Re-Discovering Special Treats (Class 302)

In this cooking session we will be learning some basic recipe component to meet your family’s desires for baked goods. Because we have all learned by now, that it is the baked goods which we so reluctantly avoid and are so often our weakness, we will cover breads, biscuits/rolls, sweetbreads and desserts that will not do damage to your health and healing every time you eat them. I will provide you with several recipe ideas and cookbook resources and I will provide you with the recipe for the dish we prepare. (Pre-Requisites: Class 201, 301 & 202 or 203)

Advanced Recipe Modification (Class 303)

This cooking session is designed specifically for learning to modify some of your simple, everyday recipes into ones you can make for your whole family to enjoy so that you are not needing to make different dishes at every meal to meet the needs of everyone. It is important that you have been working within your nutrition choices for at least one (1) month, and in some cases longer, before you take this class. You are encouraged to bring one recipe of your own that does not meet the nutritional lifestyle you are striving to maintain currently and we can discuss how to go about creating a new dish the whole family can enjoy. You must be willing to share the final recipe with the group. So put your creative hats on and lets
Recreate the Joy of Eating!! (Pre-Requisites: Class 201, 301 & 202 or 203)
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